We have all the infrastructure of office business services so that our clients have all the advantages of a permanent office without facing the tremendous economic, logistic, and human resources cost that this implies.

  • Business Address: Allows the use of a prestigious non-operational physical address in Panama City that may be used in the stationery.
  • Business correspondence management: Assignment of a P.O. box where your clients and suppliers can send documents and correspondence for you to withdraw later or be forwarded according to your instructions.
  • Shared telephone line: This service offers the assignment of a shared telephone line where calls are received by a general operator (not personalized). Messages are taken, and clients are informed according to their specific instructions.
  • Personalized telephone line: We offer the assignment of an exclusive telephone line in which a dedicated operator will answer all your calls, in a professional and personalized way, based on your instructions and commercial activity.
  • Email: 24-hour hosting service for all your messages.
  • Internet: We offer:
    • Domain registration
    • Email with your domain
  • LEI Code Registrations (Legal Entity Identifier): We manage the registration and renewal of the LEI code of all legal entities that require it to carry out financial transactions to comply with the information requirements in the financial markets.